Report 720 – Tucking

karlie | 02.17.2008 | Reports - Girlish Essence

karlie thanks the Superiors of The House for guidance on the steps necessary for he.r to take if s.he is to one day become an acceptable sissy girl. As the marvelous explanations in the Tucking assignment describe so clearly, both the feeling and the look of a bulge between a sissyÍs legs is a serious impediment to any presentation of a sissyÍs mind and body. So, for some considerable time, karlie has taken the following instruction of The House very seriously:

ñIt is therefore not only convenient, but appropriate for the sissy to slide her “descended ovaries” back into place behind the lower abdominal wall. She will find that “after a little stretching is done,” this does happen naturally with some degree of perseverance into the small pocket in the transverse abdominal muscle where her little sissy ovaries can settle into their new home. With the testicles back into there original homes, all that is left is to hold the penile tissue firmly between the legs, very much like her Mistress’ own labia.î