Report 727 – Servitude

Thank You for accepting this sissyÍs request to be permitted Inside. This sissy has just been sent to the House by he.r Owner, with instructions to study hard to become a well trained and dutiful sissy? and I wish to please Her very much indeed.The sissy is learning from this assignment just how much s.he needs to learn. The sissy is learning to cook according to GoddessÍs instructions, and is pantied and stockinged now on a daily basis. Thanks to the material in this assignment, sissy is learning to be attentive to he.r manner of walking, sitting, kneeling, and to do so in a properly submissive and sissy manner, as befits this slut.Though having only been accepted into the House a few days ago, this regime of being mindful about walking and posture seems to be producing quality replacement shifts in sissy by itself. The sissy has found s.he is becoming much more passive and emotional, soft and yielding.
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Mr. M

I have come to greatly appreciate the training that You and your Staff have provided to these girls and believe that the House will provide her the best possible training to be the kind of sissy I would like to… Read more “Mr. M”