Report 728 – The good sissies guide!

barbie | 03.21.2008 | Reports - Place and Worship

This assignment reflects many of sissyÍs lifetime aspirations for and towards serving he.r Superiors. Some aspects cover areas in which the sissy has managed to serve previously and in which s.he feels reasonably confident about he.r abilities. But in some aspects, sissy remains largely untested.

This sissy is presently separated from he.r Goddess and unable to put all of the lesson into practice directly, though sissy realises that he.r own humble home should be kept in a manner which does maximum honour to he.r Goddess, as though it was in fact inhabited by Goddess or about to be visited by Her at any moment. In fact, while contemplating this assignment, sissy became aware that the state of the stainless steel on the sink and drainer was not what sissy would have wished for he.r Goddess, and promptly scrubbed and cleaned it to a better standard, despite feeling tired and wishing to rest.