Report 729 – Shaving

margoelizabeth | 03.25.2008 | Reports - Girlish Essence

sissy beth laid out her flannel jammies and terry robe and jumped into her bubble bath for an all over clean shave with a double edge sensitive skin razor. A lot of flexing was necessary to get the hard to reach places and it would have made a funny video. beth had already trimmed herself with beauticians shears last week, but never expected she would now have to live through the summer fully shaved smooth as a baby. she thought about how she would look at the beach and walking down the street and shopping. beth really does not know how she is going to handle this. her former image was a rather nasty boy. sissy beth believes this assignments purpose was to teach her to shed her masculinity and now have to put her hairless body on display for all to see. Thanks.