Report 730 – Posture and Obedience

When this sissy was browsing the House and the assignments for the first time (about a week ago!), the section on posture immediately caught he.r eye, and so the sissy was looking forward to this assignment.The sissy had already been introduced to the ñPresent Kneelingî posture by he.r Goddess, who has assigned this to be used twice a day for mantra recital? currently ñi am barbie, i am a slut, i want to be usedî (sissy begs to be excused the ñiî letters, this is only for the purpose of quotation). The mantra that Goddess has chosen is of course very true and captures sissy slutÍs essence and true nature as s.he is a true slut at heart and very wanton. This sissy has found the posture itself to be extremely powerful? the assignment doesnÍt go into detail, but sissy has found the posture connects with opening root chakra energy and can be very arousing, opens sissyÍs orifice invitingly also, and can create a deeply submissive feeling within sissy.
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