Report 745 – Introduction to cum eating

princess audrey maid
The other night was my birthday and my friends said they had a special surprise for me. At my party they told me to strip and go in the bedroom and a stripper would be in to take care of me. i couldn't wait and almost ran into my room and stripped down and layed on my bed on my back trying to imagine what was going to happen. A couple of minutes later, a fine looking black woman came in and said that she knew i enjoyed being dressed up in lingerie and told me to put on the clothes she had in her bag..i put on some sexy white stockings and a pair of lace panties. She then handed me a camisole with garters that looked hot. i struggled to put it on,but when i finished connecting the garters to the stockings and my cock was rock hard and she knew it. She ordered me onto the bed on my back and proceeded to straddled my chest. Now, she said, you need to put on some lipstick and smeared something on my lips that tasted divine.
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