Report 766 – Servitude

sharlene | 07.07.2008 | Reports - Place and Worship

Mistresses of the House thank you for helping this sissy to better serve he.r at home Mistress. sissy is happy to report that s.he has been wearing panties exclusively for over four months now. Although not worthy of being considered feminine by any means this sissy has been practicing he.r walking, kneeling, and sitting both at home and in public.

Mistress is not comfortable in the dominant role and does not like he.r sissy to curtsy, kneel before her, or be subservient in behavior. However sissy has been doing all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry for four months. Mistress does appreciate not having to worry about these mundane details after a hard day at work. When asked, this sissy gives massages and foot rubs. Mistress has suggested sending sissy to a massage class and sissy would be excited to learn better techniques for making Mistress feel better. In the bedroom sissy struggles to master good oral skills whenever allowed this privilege. Fellatio is off the table as Mistress would never allow unfaithfulness.