tammylynn | 08.04.2008 | Reports - sissySexuality

i was a good girl and refrained from playing with my sissy-clitty for three days after hearing from the Masturbation Board. i was so sexcited today to get an email with permission to wank off on my first special day. After three days this sissy was climbing the walls–h.er pebble pouch was ripe enough to burst. i eagerly read Wanking 101 in its entirety and followed instructions (the approved fantasy helped put me in a sissy state of mind). i laid on my bed (fresh clean sheets) on my back, knees up, legs spread apart and, while playing with my sensitive nipples in one hand, grasped my clitty with thumb and forefinger in the other, rapidly pulling the loose skin at the base. i chanted, “i’m pretty sissy princess tammy lynn and i love the taste of cum” over and over in my highest pitched voice.