Report 782 – Anal Submission

erin8042 | 08.08.2008 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy really enjoyed her anal submission that past few days. My submission started a few days ago with my visit from Aunt Flow. i must say i have really enjoyed using tampons. Fist it started out a little uncomfortable but after a few days i can insert and remove a tampon with no problem. As a matter of fact, i kinda miss not having one in my sissy vagina *giggle*!

Today i had a morning to myself, so i began with putting on my favorite pink thong, pink bra (with breast enhancers) and white cami (i just love all the straps on my shoulders). i then cleaned out my girly bottom with a nice summers eve deuce. i started with my tampon of couse and moved to my fingers. i stretched out my vagina with my fingers as best i could do.