Report 783 – Spring from Head to Toe

Girlish Essence
Hello, i am sissy prescinna preciouspansy, and am very grateful to the Superiors of the house and other sissies i've met for T/their encouragement, kind words, and willingness to help. For this report, i wanted to get the feel of days gone by. i prepared by first shopping, and for picture taking, of course shaved, douched, plugged and tucked. i remember fondly seeing my Aunts wearing fine hats in the spring and summer, and some of the trends that came later, and have tried to match. i first dressed in my panties, pantyhose, girdle, waist cincher, and longline bra. i selected a red crew neck satin top, with a white lace tunic layeri over. All except the pantyhose are classic design. i selected a red wide brim hat with white polka dot hat band, with a lovely bow in back. I applied red lipstick, then washed my hands before putting on the exquisite 17 inch white opera gloves. The feeling was Wonderful. Although i tried to achieve the total "bullet bra" look, and it took several days of trying. i don't know if the faux topaz braclet shows, but i wanted to achieve the sense and feeling of being a woman in the 1950s. In many ways, i feel i did.
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