Report 784 – Secret sissy

Getting Real
Well it has taken some time over the last 3 months in discussions with my wife about my cding and finally about my desire to be a sissy. She and i have been married for 25 years and she found out early in our marriage i liked to cd and was not pleased but was willing to stay because i guess ther were other benefits. About six years ago we stopped having regular sexual activity but i continued to satisfy her manually and with cunnilingus. i stopped having erections with her and she tought this was age and my blood prsseure medicine but of course it wasn't. She no longer was a sexual stimulus for me. She lacked some important genital proturberance that stimulated my mind and clitty. So our recent conversation was not a surprise but i was as open as a sissy can be about feelings and desires.
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sissy courtney

This sissy absolutely loves it here! Thank you Superiors for providing the House for all us sissies to train to be completely obedient and devoted! This sissy is so much more girlie since when she started, and is looking forward… Read more “sissy courtney”