Report 785 – Tucking

aline | 08.13.2008 | Reports - Girlish Essence

When s.he first began to surreptitiously wear female lingerie, this sissy was mainly embarrassed by the unladylike bulge ruining he.r panties outline (a concern for a respectable sissy except if he.r Mistress or Master explicitly made a requirement of it).

She soon discovered how to tuck he.r little “doll” (The way s.he thought of he.r little sissy-clit at the time) neatly away between her legs, but what to do with he.r pom-poms? (The silly name s.he gave he.r extern sissy-ovaries before knowing better).

Before long, by trial and error, s.he discovered the process perfectly described by the helping staff in the “tucking” chapter of “behavior modifications”