Report 806 – Shaving

brianna | 10.06.2008 | Reports - Girlish Essence

i’ve fantasized about getting a brazilian wax for quite sometime. So after doing some research and finding a salon that would do a girl like me i took the plunge.

Her name is Tammi. She is a very beautiful, slightly full figured woman in her late 40’s, She wore lots of makeup and beautiful plum lips. Tammi wasn’t suprized at all about my request for a full Brazilian waxing. Tammi told me that she does more men than women for the brazilian. Tammi did everything to make me comfortable. She gave a cute tiny terry cloth velcro skirt to wear. Tammi started at the top and worked from the right side to left in small sections pulling up from the base of my clitty. she uses a pink wax that doesn’t the cloth strips used for most leg waxings. The pink wax stick directly to the hair and not the skin.