janicelynn | 01.06.2009 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy picked Servitude for this report. Since sissy has to have a cyber Master because sissies SO doesnÍt participate in the development of being a good sissy. This sissy has to be a macho man and be the submissive sissy when ever sissy can work it into the daily schedule.

sissy is a mature queen sissy that has been a cross dresser off and on for most of sissies life. After reading the House information on Servitude it became most apparent to this sissy that sissy was a Macho Man Cross Dresser. All sissy wanted to do was dress like a girl and parade around in a bra and panties and pretend to be a girl. As sissy matured the sissies mind wanted to be more than a man putting on girls clothes so sissy joined ñThe Houseî and started reading as much as possible about being a sissy.