rebecca-3 | 01.16.2009 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has just completed his first assignment for Although I have shaved in the past, until now I have done it much differently.

I began the process by purchasing a Lady Venus razor. Upon returning home, I immediately ran my bath water and soaked for the required 10 minutes. After soaking, I began to lather soap all over my lower body. Taking care to shave in the proper direction, I began with my feet and worked up all the way up to my behind and the clit belonging to my Mistress. I took special care behind my knees. After going over my lower body, I stood up in order to shave my bottom, and the area behind the genitals. This proved quite difficult, but luckily I had a mirror nearby where I could see my bottom as I shaved. After several minutes, I inspected my entire lower body, and touched up any area that I had missed. I was now smooth from the waist down.