Report 833 – Punishment for the Errant sissy

this one is sad to report that she has done a great disservice to the House and her Mistress. this one submitted a report that had several errors in it. she was in a hurry to submit a report and rushed to do so. she was very careless and did not capitalize words like Mistress and She when refering to her Superior. this one has no excuse for such shoddy work as the House and her Mistress has taught her better. this one can offer no excuse for such a transgression as it reflects poorly on her Mistress and The House. this one has decided that she cannot accept a simple correction as it would set a bad example for other sissies. a sissy,s duty is above all to show respect to her Superior and the House at all times.
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princess alexandria

This House and Madame Stewarts guidance has provided the framework for her self awareness and her acceptance and delight in being herself in the world!