Report 862 – Shaving

Girlish Essence
This sissy has a mission to be released from her clitty prison for a period of 24 hrs. This release will be made only if her body is free of unwanted body hair. i will need to pass a body inspection performed by my keyholder. If there is one hair found during the inspection i will be locked up for another 6 months before i get to taste my girlie juices. So, after soaking in the tub with lavender and chamomile foam bath for 20 minutes, my skin was nice and soft. Lifting one leg at a time out of the luxurious bubbles, i set about my task. After lathering up with my shaving cream, i slowly dragged my purple Venus razor over my toes making sure not to nick my pretty bright red nails of my toes. Then, slowly up my leg making sure to get the hairs behind my knees. Slowly making my was to my imprisioned clitty, then continuing with the other leg. Around my tubed clitty and compressed ovaries, i notice that there is some hair growth inside the tube. I hope jaime gets a chance to have the tube removed to clean that up before the inspection, could it be a ploy to keep me locked up? i will have to ask my keyholder. Going around the area i clean up my sissy vagina, making it presentable for any penetrations she might do. She as told me that i might be opened up back there.
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…and i must say that Madame Stewart is right, even in a distance of 3000 km, She made it possible to make me impotent.