Report 901 – Wanking 101

princess audrey maid
sissy patricia has completed her wanking assignment. It was he.r special day so she thought about how best to submit. sissy streched a bit for a possible wanking into her mouth but instead decided to submit by licking and swallowing her own ssiisy juice. sissy patricia wanked and wanked sh.e measured her clity when erect, it was 5 inches long. A perfect size for a sissy. sissy patricia inserted her finger into her ass pussy and said over and over "this is my ass pussy to be used by Real Men". sissy then released her sissy juice into her palm and then licked it down, it was a bit salty. sissy then followed House instruction and repainted her toenails and put on a fresh pair of brown panties. sissy had only panties to chose from, sh.e has no male undies in her dresser.
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