lindamarie | 07.09.2009 | Reports - Womens Studies

sissy is properly dressed in her plad skirt and white blouse with grey tights and black shoes.sissy is also properly tucked and ready for school.this sissy just finished her first visit from aunt flow. sissy bought the following items tampons, pads,suppositories,excedrine menstral complete. day one and two were not bad as sissy followed instructions and used personal luricant to help insert tampons and of sissies biggest broblems was that the pads would stick to her little clit is there any thing she can do to help with this problem? day 3 and 4 were a little worse it was getting harder and harder to get tampons into sissys vagina. by day five sissy wasn’t sure if she was comming or going she couldnt keep up with time and it was really hard to concentrate. sissy doesn’t know if it was do to her period or the fact she recently started hormones. at the end of sissys period sissy properly cleaned her self with a fresh and pure douche she purchased from the store sissy bought a four pack for future visits from aunt flow. sissys vaginal cavity is still a little swollen from the past few days thank you for the experience love sissy linda marie