Report 912 – Cocksucking

deedee-3 | 07.11.2009 | Reports - sissySexuality

Mistress Marla relaxed with a smoke while Sissy Twinkles practiced her cocksucking skills on Mistress’s strap-on pausing only when used as an ashtray. Mistress asked Sissy Twinkles if she ever sucked off a real man. Sissy admitted that she had answered a personal ad from a man who wanted a blow job. Mistress asked sissy how it was and sissy told her he was short, fat and his cock was smelly. “Well, sissies can’t be choosy, she said. Did he feed you a big load?” “Yes Mistress” sissy replied. Wanting to know if sissy was putting her lessons to use Mistress had sissy tell her all about it in detail.