Report 915 – Wanking 101

princess audrey maid
Mistress,i just read about cum draining prior to sissifying to reinforce ones dedication to sissyhood.This reinforces my own realization of my past behavior,it was pretty much CUM and RUN.For some time now I've had the idea/plan to drain my cum before sucking cock and/or fucking cock as a spiritual exercise.Lo and behold its part of sissy training,thank you Mistress for making it part of the program.I started my wanking exercise by shaving all my body hair(i used nair around my mansac and sissyclit),my smooth skin feels so sissified and erotic.I've been stoking my sissyclit as I write this report ...after an hour and half of sissyclit massage Mistress I finally drained my cum and swallowed every drop of it.I'm sorry Mistress but I don't have the equipment at this time to generate photos for submission,please forgive me...humbly submitted by MarjiVR.
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It helps me to gather information to further educate me as sissy