Report 922 – Wanking 101

princess audrey maid
To the House Of Sissify and Superior Women every where, first sissy wants to thank the house for teaching this sissy some of the basic fundamentals of wanking. sissy never new she knew so little about wanking sissy now understands why playing with sissies little clit is such a privilege. sissy also understands why she must keep her privileges in check as sissies hands and nails become much more feminine and her feminine duties become more important to sissy it could possibly become a distraction or an embarrassment to her self and others. sissy knows she must remain on her scheduled days and follow proper instructions from the House and other Superior women every where especially if sissy ever hopes to find a real man or a willing Mistress or Master to help in sissies continued efforts to become the woman sissy has always dreamed of. as always a speacial thanks to the House Of Sissify and Superior Women every where submitted by your unworthy sissy linda marie
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