Report 943 – A Visit From Aunt Flo

shannon | 10.02.2009 | Reports - Womens Studies

On the second day, my hole was pretty sore from the first day but I was determined to get the tampon past the second lock. The KY jelly was inserted twice, pulling the inserter out as I pushed the jelly in. The tampon was really wet as it went in and the applicator was almost totally inside as the tampon pushed out into the upper area. The tampon seated well up there and I could feel its presence as the applicator was removed.

After 4 hours, I went to remove it. I had slight cramps but nothing really bad. I pulled on the string and realized that the soreness in my lower area was about to increase. I slowly worked out the tampon which had expanded somewhat in my body. It came out but not before it made my lower area really sore.

Tomorrow is going to be really tough.