Getting Real

Report 956 – Secret sissy

sissysusan | 11.10.2009 | Reports - Getting Real

Please accept this report about this secret sissy coming to understand the sexual and transformative powers of panties and committing h.erself to to the path of becoming a better sissy even while hiding outfits.

Presumably everyone has his/her share of sexual fantasies. This secret sissy’s have long been filled with images and thoughts of sexual submission to dominant women. To be stripped naked and displayed for the amusement of women, to gladly submit to spankings that leave their marks for days afterward. To be allowed to dwell at the feet of a mistress, in evident submission, to kiss, caress and lick her toes in hopes that she might deign to rub her foot on my (then) cock. To obediently provide oral service to mistress and any of her friends while restrained. sissy’s (then) cock would be openly available for any cock and ball torture, to be slapped, whipped, locked away in a chastity. In these images, all of sissy’s body hair is removed to clearly emphasize subordinate status. sissy would feel privileged to be held securely in place by the cock leash given to the mistress, led around publicly, helpless to resist or simply tethered to a post.