Report 974 – Shaving

missi | 01.07.2010 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy started shaving he.r body over twenty years ago as this sissy finds body hair totally disgusting fortunately this sissy was blessed with very little body hair. This sissy always soaks he.r body in a nice hot bath with a scented bath oil for at least ten minutes before shaving. This sissy then applies Skintimate shaving gel to he.r leg and carefully shaves it completely clean with a Venus razor s.he then repeats the procedure on he.r other leg. Next this sissy does her underarms, breast area, hands and arms, and last he.r bottom carefully shaving away all hair. After rinsing he.rself thouroughly this sissy gets out of the tub drys off and applies a scented moisturizer to he.r entire body. This sissy then dries her hair and puts on her favorite nightie which this sissy will include a picture of with this report.