Report 984 – Wanking 101

michelle-9 | 02.17.2010 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy applied for my Masturbation schedule and was sent a notice yesterday. S.he is grateful to the Mistresses of the House for allowing this disgusting man thing and does acknowledge that it does now belong to Mistresses and is for their use and enjoyment and not h.ers.

S.he put on her prettiest negligee yesterday, pink panties and a new bra and stuffed it. S.he also painted her fingernails a bright pink. The prescribed fantasy was about being discovered by a girl roommate, who understood and told this sissy she would be discreet and then took out with her friends to a public place where s.he was made to dance and publically satisfy her friends as everyone on the dance floor applauded and laughed at what a submissive sissy s.he was. This sissy also dreamed of several other humiliating situations as s.he stroked sissy clitty with pink painted finger nails.