Report 995 – Let’s go Shopping!

sissy mellissa thanks The House for taking the time to read he.r report on shopping. On Friday sissy went shopping at Ross Dress for Less as this sissy is unemployed and on a limited income. sissy is well known as a transgender person at most stores in the area as sissy has not worn male clothing in over ten years. sissy knows all of the sales people and waited until one was available. sissy then explained to Kate that besides being transgender s.he was also a sissy and was doing an assignment on behavior modification for the house. sissy explained that s.he was looking for something really girlie so it would be a different shopping experience for sissy. Kate informed sissy She had just the thing and led sissy to a rack of dresses for young Girls. As sissy is not very big s.he has bought from these racks before and knew s.he could fit into some of the items on them.
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WOW I have to say,.. That although I do not participate in this particular lifestyle,.. (being far too dominant in set in my ways to desire such an experience) I feel you deserve enormous kudos on the design and layout… Read more “ishmael”