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This whole area of study seems to be one of no real end more of a constant learning and self improvement.

Many of the areas outlined in the wonderful House notes seem to come naturally to this sissy girl, others will definitely need more effort on part to achieve a good standard.

s.he must thank the House for its guidance regarding the childish behaviour of masturbation, full respect for Women cannot be achieved with pornography – sissy has received special days and will abide to them fully.

joanna is very lucky as within her professional life she gets to experience many work related situations under the guidance and control of many Ladies, all who have many years experience of dealing with being in charge.

Working in small teams within a larger crew environment sissy is normally left in charge of running the kitchen, answering ultimately to the head of the operation, usually Superior Female.

This sissy often receives praise for her working abilities and attitude to dealing with job. This is most satisfying for and she feels that she is definitely viewed amongst Female Superiors a “beta” male. This is natural to sissy.

s.he was raised to be respectful to all especially Women, and through her general politeness she feels that she can accomplish tasks respectfully and is always willing to serve.

Humiliation and scolding does not really come into sissy’s working day, but she is mindful that for to succeed in overall dream to serve correctly she will need to experience both. Here she cannot hide wanting for that to happen.
During working day s.he gets plenty of opportunity to practice her Female physical behaviours, and enjoys walking, sitting and kneeling to try and become more Fem.

As s.he has mentioned before in a previous report the goal of going out in public as a convincing girl is the ultimate short term goal for at the moment. sissy feels it would be a disservice to all at the House of Sissify and her sisters if she didn’t do this properly. Appearance is everything. More work is needed..

sissy’s Achilles heel with her servitude is in the kitchen, currently s.he comes up short in providing meals for partner. s.he enjoys being in the kitchen and generally can cook, life as a male takes up lots of time running errands and doing manly jobs around the home. s.he feels that a massive improvement is needed here and will report back accordingly.

sissy is much more accomplished around the house cleaning, washing and ironing, getting plenty of time alone to complete theses tasks.

sissy enjoys wearing the appropriate attire wherever possible, panties, pantyhose, waist trainer and shoes are all regular items worn while doing her daily chores. These can always be worn under horrible male clothes too, as s.he often has to go out.

Recently s.he has taken to being “plugged & tucked too, just to remind h.erself of what s.he really is. It goes without saying if time allows she will attempt to be fully Femmed up.

All in all sissy is going to return to where s.he started The Zen of Servitude is a continuous learning process encompassing many different subjects, but learning how to respectfully serve ones Superiors and to become a better sissy will take time to perfect.

This sissy is a long way from achieving goals, but as long as s.he can stay true the dream of being able to domestically serve a Mistress s.he will work hard.

At your service

joanna x


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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent personal assessments honey, but I must say – I noticed most of the focus was on yourself. Thats how subtle this is honey. It doesn’t matter if they see you as a “beta male” – I want them to see you as their girlfriend! How? By focusing on their needs instead of your own!