kittycupcakes | 02.20.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

The new year upon us settled beside each other on a sofa. Tequila in Her glass, and a soft cup of the screwdriver in hand. She gazes at me, with eyes of deep brown. She smiles and, Her smile lights the room, somehow divine, yet understanding. Interlocking with Her eyes we embrace. She has taken ownership of this kitty cupcake, holding on and cuddling with arms locked around each other. the clock strikes midnight. All around us, voices scream joys of the new year’s arrival and new fresh starts. We kiss. Her lips so wonderful, they touch this sissys own, and as if kissing a flower petal the sissy gently responds. this sissy senses Her control and does he.r best to follow suit and allow the moment to be Hers. It feels wonderful being Hers, Belonging to Her. Being touched by Her. Her soft lips press against mine. How does one describe the perfect moment, it was like the first time this sissy tried chocolate but better. This sissy has kissed Mistress times before. Its always wonderful. but this time, it was like the perfect moment. the perfect Midnight kiss.

To be honest. This sissy has never had a partner to share this time of the year with, let alone, has ever had the honour of serving a Mistress, and sharing a night of blissful new year eve of kisses and cuddles. This will truly be remembered as the year this sissy started out on the right heel.

This sissy would like to Thank the House of for allowing me to submit this report.
Thank You Mistress Dee for allowing me to serve You.


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