shaved sissy
ataberwolf1 | 04.14.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

The sissy spent most of he.r night in the tub shaving to make sure that s.he got every last little bit of nasty male hair gone. The sissy had never noticed how much hair s.he had in how hard it would be to get to it all, with this entire process s.he has gained an even grater appreciation to what a true woman goes through daily and will now be joining in the process to make sure s.he never stops having the silky smooth skin s.he has now. The sissy did make a few mistakes however and cut self but will practice to prevent this in the future.


  1. Your legs looks AMAZING!! and enticing 😉 You definitely seem to be a natural at this. Of course, who can resist a Diet Coke…just kidding!! So proud of you sister!!

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