mjpanty | 06.21.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

rosebud has significant limitations in becoming more Feminine. But most importantly, rosebud’s Wife is very conventional in sexual matters. Discovery of any Femininization activities would have serious consequences. Therefore, rosebud must be very careful to avoid any possibility of detection.

This assignment, however, teaches that limitations cannot be an excuse for inaction. The Superiors require that even a “secret sissy” do as much as it can to become more Feminine. As a slave-in-training, rosebud has been trying to meet this standard.

The Superiors demand that slaves wear Female attire, especially panties, as often as possible. rosebud now owns panties, two skirts and a bra. s.he wears these clothes whenever there is an opportunity. s.he is learning to smooth the skirt before siting, keep knees together, and walk with short steps. rosebud will be purchasing more clothes in the future, and continuint to improve its skills.

The Superiors also demand that slaves have a more submissive attitude toward the Superior Sex. rosebud is doing more of the household chores without complaining. s.he no longer ogles the breasts and bodies of Women, focusing, as appropriate, on their face or on the ground. s.he has stopped viewing any pornography that exploits Women. rosebud is also trying (with limited success) to act more demurre and to stop mansplaining.

Even a secret sissy can become more informed about the Female world. rosebud is enrolled in the “Aunt Flo” menstrual program. It is not possible for rosebud to purchase tampons, pads, or the suggested medications. Instead, s.he uses an athletic sock pinned to its underwear. This provides at least some limited understanding of Women’s monthly cycle.

Finally, a secret sissy must stop being phallocentric. Since joining the House of Sissify, rosebud has not touched the shaft or head of its sissy clit in a sexual manner. Instead on the bimonthly special days, rosebud arouses itself by stroking its perineum and scrotum. s.he uses two fingers at the base of the penis as prescribed by the Superiors to complete the process.

rosebud has made some initial progress in becoming more Feminine. Even with limitations, a great deal more can be done. rosebud is enjoying the journey. Thank You, Madame Stewart and the Superiors for Your guidance.


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