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joanna-cotton | 01.31.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

sissy would firstly like to express h.er deep gratitude to all the House Superiors & Masturbation Control Board for being allowed he.r special days.

Thus far sissy has stuck to h.er schedule rigidly. s.he is finding the control offered over he.r silly little clitty a totally rewarding experience, affirming that s.he should be under the control of a Superior Female.

joanna cannot go any further without mentioning he.r very silly mistake with a chastity device, although sissy can now see the error of he.r ways, s.he must thank again for the guidance given by the House.

Tucking for sissy is the way forward and so far s.he has started to wear a panty girdle, which by its nature helps tremendously quash any little swellings s.he has when he.r mind wanders, as well as controlling he.r figure. I know girls it isn’t the most flattering type of panty out there, but it is serving a purpose. An important one!

On to sissy special days report.

Having read the guidance given sissy has started to under take the instructions given, the finger and thumb method has pleasantly surprised sissy with the sensations given (before this sissy was using he.r full hand) the technique seems so gentle compared with he.r previous method.

Although joanna isn’t giving a day one, two, three style report, s.he has been lucky so far as s.he has had the opportunity to dress accordingly for he.r Special times, on the solitary occasion when s.he couldn’t indulge in wearing the correct attire s.he forfeited he.r day, this may sound extreme to other girls who may ever read this. sissy feels that’s important to be in the right state of mind to indulge in this rather selfish pastime, not to just do it at all costs because she is allowed to…..(if s.he needs correcting here s.he will comply fully).
Coming on to the consumption of one’s fluids once the deed has been done!

sissy has in the past long before discovering the House been made to clean up the mess s.he has made by a previous partner, so s.he has the taste for he.r own cum.

Dipping he.r tongue into the pool of warm liquid in the palm of he.r hand is the least s.he has done so far, on the last occasion sissy is a little embarrassed to say that s.he “hoovered” the whole lot out of h.er hand in one almighty suck! (what is that saying about he.r!)

sissy is finding the advice given to repeat things to he.rself whilst completing the task in hand also a rewarding one – “joanna needs cum” – “sissy needs cock” seem to spout from he.r mouth quite easily, far too easily.

This sissy’s crowning special moment so far resulted when still using the thumb and forefinger method, s.he assumed the position with he.r legs in the air up against the wall, imaging s.he was being held up with he.r pussy fully accessible, then spilling he.r lovely warm juices all over he.r face, getting some of it into he.r own mouth…. and hair!

Wonderful, if not a little wasteful compared to catching the said juices in one’s hand.
sissy can only dream that one day a powerful Mistress will control h.er enough, for he.r to be able to serve in this way.

Thankyou for taking the time out of your busy day to read my ramblings, sissy does hope that the report is satisfactory.

s.he is still learning and trying to be a better sissy.

Warm thoughts

joanna x


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1 year ago

A sissyshould strive to eat all of hersissy juices,good practice for a real mans cock

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Waste not, want not!