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The Superiors demand that Their slaves-in-training wear panties as often as possible. rosebud incorrectly assumed that ordering 38-inch waist panties on line would be as simple as ordering its usual white cotton briefs.

rosebud first bought a 38-inch hipster brief and an “open for business” lace boyshort. The hipster is a little large, but comfortable. rosebud did not realize what “open for business” meant. This panty may be used, if at all, only for masturbation on Special Days.

In its next shopping foray, rosebud got a lace and a regular tanga panty also in the 38 inch size. The lace panty does not have enough fabric to contain even rosebud’s meager male parts. (rosebud now realizes that the lace boyshort has the same problem.) The regular tanga panty feels similar to the hipster.

rosebud decided to purchase a bra and another panty. This time, rosebud used the sissy sizing assignment. After carefully measuring and following the assignment, rosebud ordered a 46A bra. The bra is a good fit and can be worn for an extended period. The A-cup, which is the smallest available, is too large and requires sock augmentation to look right.

Instead of using a waist measurement for the panty, rosebud used a hip measurement as recommended in the sissy sizing assignment. The panty that rosebud bought is its most comfortable panty. rosebud has again learned that the Superiors know best.

Several basic assignments such as curtsying, sitting and walking are easier to perform in a skirt. rosebud decided to purchase a pleated school uniform skirt. In this case, the waist measurement was sufficient for proper sizing.

Thank You, Madame Stewart and the Superiors, for this assignment. rosebud curtsies and bows to You in its new bra, panty and skirt.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Be sure to check your Tucking Assignment to review what We suggest for panties that tuck properly. Now rosebud, your report is all over the place. From Servitude, to sissy Size it, to Shopping…. so next Report, I want you to focus on one thing when submitting so We can award you a badge!