donnawillserveyou | 11.30.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

sissy don-na slave began this assignment with a single goal in her sissy, sissy mind. how does this slut better please her Superiors? make them happy, happy, happy?

this sissy slave began her training by reading the House instructions very carefully. then slut wrote down some notes to be sure to include in this report. slut also read and looked at some sister’s marvelous and beautiful reports for inspiration. wow! such smooth flat (sexy) tucks.

being a true sissy is this sluts goal. slut knows being a true sissy is really a path to take that never ends. it’s so very, very exciting to feel oneself moving more into the feminine mindset and behavior that fulfill what she has always known.

Slut was already convinced slut had to be tucked, just had to be to look more feminine. slut also has come to realize being tucked all the time slowly works its way into the subconscious and slut becomes a teeny bit more like a Woman in her sissy mind every day. It’s true doing something over and over becomes a habit and then something one has to have! amazing! this sissy may take a little time realizing things, but then the light goes on!

slut began by making sure all her “feminine parts” (the ugly Man parts) were smooth and soft. sissy practiced pushing her Man things back into her vagina and holding them there. then slut began practicing to push the Man things back between sluts legs and squeezing sluts things together “pop” them up into her womb. slut can feel her pubic mound and feel the harder spots where those pesky balls have been squeezed into. all this is so easy sounding 🙂 to write about but it takes a lot of time to really do it. slut has a pic or two showing her bare pubic mound with the balls pushed inside her but slut does not know how to take a proper pic, dummy, but slut can describe it.

its a wonderful feeling with those ugly hanging Man things pushed up inside you 🙂 Ummmm. (as an aside, lol, this sissy does enjoy certain things like dildos, strapons and the real thing pushed up and down her sissy pleasure palace 🙂

sissy slave now carefully read the House instructions on proper tucking again. slut has some advantage in tucking :). her sissy clitty is very small and stays very shrunken almost all the time, so pushing it and sluts balls back up inside her is easier and a very tight pair of panties is usually enough to keep them there. sissy wants her sisters to know having your womb easily accept and stay inside will take time, lol, this sissy sure had trouble.

slut sometimes uses a feminine pad inside the panties to help provide a more secure smoother shape. a pad helps in the event of leakage before sissy can reach the restroom (it was embarrassing when this sissy had to squat and the edge of the road to pee).

this sissy totally believes in all the House teaching on tucking in this assignment and recommends the joy and pleasure one can give her Superiors.

don-na, sissy slave, must thank her beloved curtsy, Madame Stewart, curtsy for well, just everything She does 🙂


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