Aunt Flo meets Betty Crocker
jessica-steele | 05.25.2019 | Assignments - Women's Studies

This sissy is in he.r third day of Aunt Flo‘s first visit. s.he realizes her pussy needs to be properly prepared for Aunt Flo’s next visit. he.r vaginal opening will never accommodate a tampon. To properly prepare, s.he has begun Anal Submission training. An anal plug is inside, as s.he writes he.r report. Rocking back and forth, on the plug, s.he feels the joy of womanhood. s.he wonders if one day this sissy will be impregnated. For now, s.he will prepare he.rself for the tampon.

Thank you so very much Superiors for allowing this sissy to understand he.r true and feminine nature.

Sincerely and with deep respect

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1 year ago

congratulations on receiving your badge, jessica – this sissy is jealous.