Will you be able to find a real Mistress?
jsmithcici | 06.30.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

This sissy lives a life of 24/7 submission. It is a life in which Mistress has all the power and authority and sissy has none. sissy never complains and never argues.

Mistress controls all the finances and sissy has no rights to even ask about money. sissy works in a professional role and sissy’s primary responsibility is to make as much money as possible so that Mistress has the where with all to do whatever She wants whenever She wants. For example Mistress recently spent three weeks in Europe and sissy was expected to take care of The Children. sissy did have Her itinerary, but sissy had no idea if Mistress was alone or was with a “friend”.

Around the house sissy has certain chores. Making sure all the beds are properly made is one. Kissing Mistress’s feet each morning and each night is not a chore but is wonderful and sissy is glad it is a part of the protocol. sissy’s total being is what makes Mistress’s life easy. It is the essence of who sissy is.

Also what can sissy do to ease any frustrations Mistress may have. Mistress may need to vent and it is sissy’s role to accommodate Her venting. That may include sissy being slapped, whipped, or sent to the dungeon to sit alone in quiet. sissy loved reading the guideline in this assignment and sissy was proud that sissy meets every point and more.

To summarize, sissy’s role is to make Mistress’s life easy as well as The Children and The Mom.

A cute event happened when Mistress took The Children to the Bahamas a few months ago. It was a short flight so sissy booked coach. The Son was very upset and made a point of chastising sissy and told sissy that coach better not happen again. Mistress didn’t mind as it was a short flight but She laughed as She thought it cute that The Son was fussing at sissy. sissy knows this is a rambling report but it is difficult to express the depth of sissy’s devotion to sissy’s role. A 24/7 life as a submissive to a strong and dominant Woman and Her Family is possible as sissy’s life is evidence that it is possible. Anticipating what is to be done to prepare sissy’s service is a given in this home.

Thank You Madame Stewart for a place that helps sissy to perfect sissy’s submission to sissy’s Superiors.


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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Oh princess! I’m so proud of you and love what a wonderful role model you make for your sisters. So many don’t even realize what it is really like to serve their Superior, if they can even be humble enough to be taken in by one. Some even pay them for playing their fantasy script so they can get off, thinking it’s real! Yes honey, what you are doing is the Real Thing, and you should be proud of your service. It’s the only place a sissy can be proud, so take all of that energy and apply it towards… Read more »