Loving your Ass
hypnostef | 04.05.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy is pleased to share with the House some progress s.he has made in her study of Anal Submission. Over the last few months s.he has slowly gotten more acquainted with her ass pussy. This sissy cannot thank the Staff enough for their wonderful and insightful assignments. This sissy would like to share some lessons s.he has learned from completing this Assignment.

Lesson 1: While it seems easy in theory to get over preconceived notions regarding her attitude towards anal play this may have been the hardest lesson for this sissy to learn. In fact, s.he is still not sure it has been properly absorbed by her mind. Every time s.he thinks s.he has gotten to a point where s.he was comfortable with anal play, s.he later learns that s.he was wrong. This sissy has come a long way but still has a long way to go to overcome long term conditioning. This part of the lesson is something s.he finds herself coming back to over and over again.

Lesson 2: Even though s.he still has a lot to correct about her attitude this sissy believes s.he is comfortable inserting small objects into her vagina. This sissy has located her prostate and has been able to stimulate it to some success.

Lesson 3: This lesson of the assignment is where this sissy believes she has done her best work. This sissy has tried many styles of butt plugs and has a few that s.he enjoys for all day use. In particular, s.he really enjoys wearing stainless steel plugs all day as they are very weighty and serve as a constant reminder to think about her pussy all day. The stainless steel plugs can also be used with a silicone lube, which this sissy feels is absorbed less slowly so s.he never gets any painful chafing!

Lesson 4: This sissy knows s.he cannot consider herself to be advanced in any aspect related to her sissification. While s.he has insterted dildoes a few times, s.he knows she needs to further study and master the previous lessons before s.he can report on this advanced step.

In summary, this sissy has learned that you cannot underestimate the value of Lesson 1. While it seems like the quickest and easiest step of the Assignment, until the first Lesson is mastered, a sissy is merely running herself through the paces of the subsequent Lessons without it. Simply put, attitude is everything. Without the proper mindset, it is impossible to truly appreciate this Assignment.

While this sissy still has much to learn regarding Anal Submission, s.he is confident that with continued study and the loving guidance of her Superiors she will get there. This sissy plans to continue to study and complete this Assignment, report back, and continue to thank her Superiors for this opportunity!

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1 year ago

yes sissy very true love you sissy sister

princess sissy
1 year ago

wonderful dear. sissy agrees loving someone means letting them touch your tushy and then use it to please themselves.

1 year ago

All in the head, more exactly in subconscience mind. Imagine a cock in your sissy pussy, then imagine which way it does when fucking you to and fro and then insert your dildo ttraining physically and every trained sissy have got absolutely another result than when she starts fucking herself automatically.

1 year ago

When you can afford one a fucking machine is a wonderful addition to a sissy’s training equipment collection

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Attitude is all they say. I say if you love someone, let them touch your butt.