ava’s Notes for “Proper Correspondence Etiquette”

Proper Correspondence Etiquette
ava has made herself some notes on “Proper Correspondence Etiquette” and she will continue to study them everyday until it is second nature to her. This is the notes she has taken: 1. ava must have humility: – she should reject the need to be “right” or “dominant”, in exchange for being useful, valuable, desirable and most importantly: kind. – ... Read More
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missy messy maso

Just in passing – your site is an absolute inspiration, a joy to giggle through. The endless parade of those 1950’s tucked and bobbed pink-petticoated good-little-housewife cartoons is both mood-lifting, delightfully nostalgic in a delightfully non-serious way, and strangely gratifying… Read more “missy messy maso”