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jonna-2 | 11.10.2018 | Reports - Getting Real

Curtsy Madame Stewart,

As sissy princess jonna wrote on her activity wall, sissy participated he.r Mistress’ S/M session and this report tells how important the proper training really is. Sissy likes to thank The House and Superiors to provide all that to sissy jonna and all he.r sisters.

Sissy jonna was dressed nicely as real sissy gurls do. sissy was sucking slave’s cock and just after eruption sissy found that Mistress became very hot. Mistress took sissy to Her side and pushed her head towards Her cunt and asked sissy to lick her pussy. Whole outside world forgot at once and sissy remembered the exercises done earlier with grapes etc…

Now sissy felt that the only important matter was to fulfill all Her desires. sissy licked clitoris and at the same time Her pelvis started to swimg and arousal was there. sissy continued lapping took and rolled he.r tongue around Her aroused clitoris and after that sissy was sucking cunt and specially clitoris. Mistress pressed he.r head more and more down towards her “jewellery” and then Mistress orgasm took place. sissy kissed around her pussy and pelvis and after all Her tits.

Then Mistress realized that session was still on and slave was looking all the time. Mistress said that “did you see what happened? I have well trained sissy to serve and s.he is here to fulfill my desires. Do you like to come good sissy in the future? Here you can learn all about x-dressing, be real lady and sissy in the future. Do you like to hear sissy jonna’s history and way to be obedient nice lady?” Slave was quiet and after a while he said: I may think about that. Mistress said that “I leave you and sissy jonna to discuss about that and training, s.he has gone training trough and may give you some advices”. So sissy jonna and slave spent discussing some time and Mistress allowed us to do what slave liked and sissy jonna promised to serve. So at the end slave had very hard cock and sissy was sucking it – then slave turned sissy and took sissy by his cock.

Slaves experience was good for he promised to come back for the training. Perhaps there will be new sissy – hoping so.
Still sissy jonna like to remind sisters that training is important, sissy jonna is reading training modules and practices often, only then sissy jonna can fulfill desires of Mistress, that is so important to jonna – loving the life and having Mistress who knows what to do what is sissy’s place.

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princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sweet sister – a lovely experience. being forced to serve sexually for a Superior’s pleasure is one of the highest levels of service

sissy courtney
1 year ago

This sissy enjoyed reading this report

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Training brings proper service! Good job princess!