Anal Submission

Becoming an anal slutty

sissyslaveshelly | 09.16.2017 | Assignments - sissySexuality

Enjoying anal penetration goes way back for sissy, Before sissy knew very many of the techniques laid out so well in this class, it was taking a hard cock in sissy’s hot., tight sissy cunt.

Way back as a young Marine, sissy discovered “transvestites” beginning on Hotel Street in Honolulu in 1977, and of course only the Dominant Tops would get to lay this young “unknowing” sissy to be. Some of those sexcapades were truly amazing. So forty years ago it learned to appreciate the intense pleasure that could be enjoyed with anal play. Then as life would dictate it got married and raised four children. Even though it tried gay sex once, male energy, on its own, does nothing for sissy. Five years ago it was reintroduced to anal sex by a Domme that sissy was serving (in male slave mode).

She was a Pilates instructor there and She loved to be the “man” in our dynamic. Once again sissy loved being the receptor. Now, there is no sex with another, although it is very often plugged and occasionally uses a dildo on its own sissy hole while remembering times gone by. This sissy really enjoyed this class and feels it is a great teaching class for a brand new sissy, all the way to an experienced one. Learning to love taking it in the butt is an important evolution in moving from a useless “real man wanna be” to a full-on sissy.


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