maid to order
carol3567 | 05.25.2019 | Reports - Domestic Duties

Mistress,  I have become the maid for my Superior. As sissy now does all the cooking and have signed up for a class. Do all the dishes and keep the kitchen clean.

shop for all the groceries and am sure to get the brands that Superior wants. Set table and provide any snacks that Superior wants. Sissy has taken over all laundry duties except for delicate things she doesn’t trust me with yet. Sissy now responsible for all house cleaning and Superior directing where must do better and how to do some things like bathroom cleaning. A French maid uniform is on order.

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renee deplume
1 year ago

*curtsey* This sissy thinks the dress in the maid’s photo above is really very pretty, from what s.he is able to see…
Is this dress the one you have, carol3567?