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i put some oil on my breast, then the plastic dome, then pumped feverishly, but nothing happened. As usual i hadn’t read the instructions. When finally the breast pump was in place and suctioned up i looked in the mirror and saw a cyborg Barbarella, with plastic domes containing distended boobies staring back at me. It was a bit awkward to move around while using the thing. Usually sessions were limited to blowing up my boobs and either sleeping or reading. If you are not a sci-fi fan it takes a bit of getting used to, but ladies, it works.

You can get directions on how to use breast pumps on line, so there is no need to give them here. Noogleberry is by far the most popular and reasonably priced pump. Being a cheapskate, that’s what i bought. They also have a website where you can talk about all the minutiae of what they call “noogling”. There are other, more sophisticated brands too, and they all have pretty good reviews.

After using my pump off and on for several months i made a discovery the nooglers hadn’t talked about. Breast pumps not only enhance your boobs when used with herbs or hormones, but they shape them as well. i found out the hard waythat if you start out with anything but either of the two smallest sized domes and graduate to bigger ones, strange things can happen. My medium sized ones sat too high on my chest, and i began to look like a bodybuilder who only did arm curls.

My solution was to use medical adhesive to glue 1/4 cup sized clear breast enhancers inside the globe and pump up my breasts, enhancer side up. It worked, even though the occasional re-gluing sessions were messy. As my girls grew through adolescence, eventually i could use my domes without the enhancers.

For you girls who do try breast pumps, here are some observations and tips i have not seen anyoun address.

^ Center your nipple under the center of the dome. If the bottom of the dome is a bit below the bottom of your breast it doesn’t matter.

^ The best way to heat up your breasts and domes is with a hair drier. It helps breast growth and mmmmm, it feels good.

^ After you have used your pump for a long time, the hand pump may start to leak. Get medical tubing clips or buy domes with airlocks to maintain pressure if this happens.

^ Finally a warning: don’t over pump. If you can flex your pecs under the domes and your boobies squish in and out, you are probably just fine.

The process can be quite relaxing. It feels calming to have a little suction on my boobs. i think i’ll do it now.

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