Safety and first meetings

Bringing a sissy’s Training into Action

vanessa-kitty | 02.09.2018 | Reports - Getting Real

Dear Mistresses,

This sissy knows that s.he is ready to spread he.r legs and meet up in person with some sissy lovers.
s.he chose this assignment to teach he.r what to do and how to act when meeting up with others.

This assignment taught this sissy that s.he should try to attend BDSM events where sissies like he.r are welcome and appreciated; however, before attending these events sissy should acquaint he.rself with the rules of such events as to not seem out of place or be unwelcome. A good sissy is always knowledgeable about he.r surroundings.

sissy must remember If meeting a person from the internet a sissy must be especially careful. Some common sense rules laid out by The House are:

1. A sissy should arrange he.r own transport to and from he.r rendezvous so that s.he can leave when s.he
has control of when s.he leaves.
2. A sissy is best off meeting someone in a public space first before going home with them to ensure he.r
own safety.
3. sissy should make sure that a friend knows where sissy is, just in case something goes wrong it’s always
best for someone to know where sissy is and when to hear from he.r.
4. sissy should know when a situation feels wrong and when to trust he.r gut. If someone feels sketchy, sissy
should leave right away.
5. sissy should monitor he.r state of mind. s.he should be thinking about how much s.he is drinking or how
much s.he is using drugs. s.he should make sure that s.he always plays safe and places he.r safety above
he.r lust.

Most of this lesson should be common sense for most sissies. But remember to always take care of yourself girls!

Thank you Mistresses for providing this information to so many sissies. Some may pass it off but it is valuable, so this sissy thanks you from the bottom of he.r heart

Love and kisses

vanessa kitty


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