So you want to tell Her?
katherined | 11.22.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

Dear Madame Stewart and House Superiors, -curtsy-

sissy is so thrilled to be writing this! sissy had no idea that a year ago, sissy would come out as a sissy to her Wife. It has become the best dream ever come true. sissy was finally able to tell Mistress that sissy is a sissy. It worked out so well that it was actually Her that first attributed the term to sissy, rather than sissy flat out saying “I am a sissy.”

Mistress and sissy had already been communicating quite a lot about kink, sexuality, and polyamory. sissy was learning a lot about the turn ons and turn offs of Mistress and Mistress was learning about turn ons and turn offs for sissy. We/we decided to browse through a Fetlife terminology glossary, just to learn more about what’s out there and what We/we are each into.

With almost every term, She would comment on “oh, this person I know is this” or “I really like this” and when sissy arrived at “sissy,” sissy said “I *love* this one” with extra emphasis on “love.” Mistress already knows sissy is transgender, and sissy wears women’s clothing full-time. sissy also out as transgender to almost everyone we associate with. So this was not a huge shocker for Her. She did not as much as even question it or even bat an eyelash.

Last night She was affirming with this identity when She referred to a Man in Her life as Her “Lover,” sissy said “and I am your…” and she finished with “my slave, my sissy.” sissy told Her “I love being your sissy cuckold slave.” <3

So this is now a new beginning, and everything feels so special and brand new. It is not just about the sissy aspect either, but a whole wide range of BDSM and fun experiences to come. It is an incredible feeling. sissy is eager to continue through the path the House of Sissify is setting sissy onto. sissy lovingly thanks Madame Stewart, all of the House Mistresses, and sissy’s sisters for all of the incredible and generous support.

Love, hugs, and kisses -curtsy-
sissy katherine


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