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Sissy cathy has had her first “sissy shave.”

She first prepared by getting ready the razor and shaving cream. She chose a pink Women’s razor with a long handle and multiple blades for a close shave. Your sissy then prepared her right foot and lower leg with soap and hot water. She then rinsed her skin with hot water leaving the foot and lower leg very wet. The shaving cream was then liberally applied to sissy’s foot and lower leg. Sissy then shaved herself from the tips of her toes to the top of her knee. Special care was used behind the knee and along the back of the ankle. Sissy cathy then prepared her right thigh with soap and a hot water rinse and proceeded to shave from the top of her knee to her waist including the “bikini” area above her sissy clitty. She then shaved the sides and back of her thigh. Sissy cathy then shaved her left foot, calf and thigh in the same manner. She only cut herself once–while shaving the tender area on the inside of the left upper thigh. Fortunately, the cut was only minor, and the bleeding stopped after a few minutes.

Sissy cathy then trimmed all of the hair on her stomach, chest and arms using electric clippers. She then proceeded to shave off all of the remaining hair on her stomach and chest. Care was taken to leave no hair in her belly navel or around her titties or under her arms. All of these areas were shaved clean. Sissy cathy then shaved all hair from her butt as per the specific instructions in the Assignment. As a finishing touch Your sissy then took the liberty of painting her toenails a bright “sissy” pink. Documenting photos were then taken, and they will accompany this report.

With the completion of this Assignment Your sissy has taken a deep plunge into sissydom: and she feels good about the experience. It is hard to believe the transforming feelings of feminization and submission which all of this brings about.

Respectfully submitted,

sissy cathy


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