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katherined | 07.23.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

Your sissy has been active in the House but due to work and school has not completed an assignment for a few months. This week sissy decided it is important to regularly be submitting assignment reports regardless of how busy the outside schedule is. You granted sissy monthly special days through the chastity assignment and sissy has been chaste and behaving since the most recent special day. Your sissy knows another special day is approaching and read all of the rules of the “sissy Sex School!” assignment and obeys when special days approach. As the assignment requires, sissy is properly scheduled for special days, shaves with regularity, only wears sissy clothing, and uses only the one-finger approach to fulfilling the sissy’s special day.

Your sissy is particularly the section at the end of the assignment offering a sissy extra credit for challenging tasks. Although sissy has tried, self-sucking is not something sissy is currently physically able to do. However, one option here is to skip one special day every week for a month so sissy can use the time to focus on serving. Your sissy finds that the closer to a special day she is, the more servitude she is automatically compelled to deliver. sissy also feels a special day must be earned as a privilege through hard work and dedication and should not always be granted to this sissy as a right.

Since Your sissy only has one special day per month, sissy realizes skipping a special day would mean a total of two months in chastity before a special day. Your sissy would like to skip the upcoming May 2019 special day, for the whole month, as part of the extra credit portion of the “sissy Sex School!” assignment so sissy can push herself through an additional month of dedicated chastity for the House and take time to complete additional assignments and be the best submissive sissy that sissy katherine can be. This would be the longest sissy has gone in chastity and sissy would be happy to do this to honor the Superiors.

With love, kisses, and curtsies,
sissy katherine


  1. Congratulations, katherine, on your achievenent. It surely takes a lot of self-discipline on your part, but your “special days” must now be truly special. Good luck on your continuing transition to only sissy-pussy stimulation when you celebrate your assigned special days.

    Hugs and kisses,

    sissy cathy

  2. Dear Madame Stewart,

    Yes, Madame Stewart, , Your sissy sure did make it the full two months. After this achievement, sissy katherine also formally requested to have special days reduced to quarterly. sissy is currently just a few days past another full month with just under two months to go before sissy’s next special day. sissy katherine has been strictly behaving.

    sissy finds these longer durations motivate sissy to prepare for the special days more carefully so they are truly special. For example, sissy bought a dildo and some other supplies so that on the next special day, sissy can try the more advanced approach of only using sissy-pussy stimulation with no clity touching like a good girl. sissy was successful with this once in the past and hopes she can continue advancing her sissy skills to honor of the Superiors and the House training.

    Your sissy is eternally grateful!

    Love, hugs, and curtsies,
    sissy katherine

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