francine-scott | 01.28.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

At the end of a brutish week of holding one’s own in the most macho of work environments, this sissy was delighted, at last, to indulge in two hours of pampered bathing and moisturizing. Adorned in exquisite lingerie, whilst deciding what dress to wear, it was a joy to log on to mySissify and discover that this excitable sissy was privileged to receive her first Badge from the House Staff. Without any idea that her application to the Masturbation Control Board would be viewed with such favor, it felt most gratifying to be worthy of the merits of a House of Sissy Chastity Badge.

Dripping with desire, this sissy can hardly wait for the first Approved Day of her Masturbation Schedule to come. As a sissy who long ago discovered that s.he ceased to possess a penis, it is a joy to take ownership of her sissy-clit. Her excitement at the prospect of her initiation into elementary, forefinger-and-thumb wanking, is palpable. Post-partem afterglow (and depression) is a test that this sissy passed many years ago. Any regrets of her sissy self, pre or post orgasm, are long gone. With fellatio remaining a long-held, unfulfilled fantasy, it is hoped she will be acquiring a taste before long and advancing to intermediate wanking and beyond. Her experience of anal submission is underway. For the purposes of amusement, s.he has already been subjected to deep penetration by her Mistress’s vibrating dildo. This sissy, for one, was surprised at the ease and pleasure with which she received her rogering.

With her first Approved Masturbation Day with which to look forward, the perpetual arousal of her obdurate sissy-clit, whilst remaining tucked within silk panties, persists in its seepage of anticipatory semen. Fooled into being prematurely stimulated by the false prospect of orgasmic union with incarcerated sperm, its watery discharge can make the meticulous life of a sissy a difficult one. A strict adherence to hands-off chastity seems not to be enough, in itself, to stay fresh and dry. Not even Lady Tena, panty liner absorption can prevent a finicky sissy with scrupulous standards from the need to change panties with alarming frequency.

No amount of domestic distraction seems able to help an excitable sissy retain damp-free panties. Hours of laundry and ironing have done little to stem the flow of desire and subsequent infusion of silk. Any advice on how to remain both chaste and dry between Approved Masturbation Days would be gratefully received.

Is it any wonder that a sissy need only employ her forefinger and thumb to trigger unsurpassed orgasms with the greatest of ease? With a mounting accrual of defiled and soiled panties to hand-wash, until that Approved Day comes, this aroused sissy shall endeavor to keep her thoughts pure and her panties dry.

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1 year ago

It’s really good report and a kind lesson for others how to behave themselves with clear thoughts and deeds. This sissy in difficult situation opens her sissy Bible “How to be a sissy maid” by Jo Santana and reads aloud Sissy Maid duties, Corsetry Training or something like this.

1 year ago

Dearest francine-scott,

This sissy just wishes to say she finds your reports a constant inspiration – stylish, informative, sexy, and always entertaining – what a pleasure to share this community with such a paragon of sissy potential!

humbly yours,

sissy cassandra

1 year ago

Great report sissy francine-scott. Just the thought of getting into masturbation schedule made sissy alia panties completely wet all night.

1 year ago

What a great report, francine-scott! This sissy now knows a little more what to aspire to when she will be writing her own reports.

princess sissy
1 year ago

yay! a new rallying cry! “no seepage”. a sissy should eschew the prior Man behavior of seepage. “stay dry”!

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

I love your Reports honey. Of course your intention is the cincher, and your actions the proof – but good writing is always entertaining for your Staff!