chloesubtgirl | 06.21.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy was recommended to start with the Zen of Servitude as first assignment for the House. This sissy read the assignment several times to make sure s.he was taking the lesson in.

The first thing this sissy took away from the assignment is that a sissy is useless unless they are serving a Superior but if like this sissy there is not a Superior to serve in person the sissy can still make the conscious effort to serve Superior Women in everyday life. This sissy already considers what s.he can do to make any of the Women they interact with easier but knows s.he can do more and has taken it upon h.erself to show respect and do more every day.

This sissy has also pledged h.erself to keep smooth just in case this sissy finds a Superior to serve, just because this sissy is not owned and collared yet (the dream) does not give this sissy an excuse to be lazy. This sissy already wears mandatory panties every day and has learned to cook to a good standard.

There are many things to learn and this is just the start of my journey, Hopefully one day this sissy will find a Superior Mistress or Master to belong to but in the mean time this sissy will keep a positive (yet passive and submissive) attitude and take into account any help offered.

Yours with kisses hugs and Curtseys

sissy chloe


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