A sissy serves her Superior
danielle84 | 05.25.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

After reading her assignment, this sissy was prompted to re-evaluate her place in her marriage. After discussion with this sissy’s Spouse, it immediately became clearly evident that this sissy has much more work to do to fully embrace her true feminine nature.

This sissy has failed to adequately show proper appreciation to her Spouse for her generosity in allowing ample dress up and play time after children are asleep and also encouragement of daily panty and camisole wear under her work clothes.

Even though this sissy is married to a Woman who does not have a naturally dominant personality, this sissy has failed to fully adopt a subservient nature of her own accord in order to show proper deference to Her inherrant superiority in the household.

This sissy, with the full knowledge and consent of her domestic Superior, has resolved to adopt a more gracefully submissive attitude in her marriage and vows to aspire to the following:

Increased emotional engagement in conversation, including mandatory “pillow talk” before bed about our feelings with regard to our relationship.

Increased emphasis on personal appearance and fitness in daily life.

Strict adherance to the masturbation schedule (application pending) once it is received from the Control Board. This comes as a great relief to Her due to decreased sexual interest (due to a medical condition) as it allows Her to know my “needs” are being met without disturbingly excessive masturbation that this sissy had previously engaged in.

Increase in household chore workload and increased help with the kids in order to allow her more time for relaxation.

Many thanks to the House Staff for this assignment. It has given this sissy an opportunity to re-prioritize her homelife and give more attention and respect to her Superior.


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