A sissy maid cleans!
terrina | 02.08.2020 | Reports - Domestic Duties


Dear House of Sissify Staff. Your sissy terrina is honored to submit he.r report on domestic duties. Earlier this week terrina’s Superior informed terrina that She was having company on Wednesday evening and that terrina should prepair Her home and contemplate what to make for dinner. What an honor being given the choice for dinner, terrina’s Superior has full confidence in terrina making these decisions as terrina makes dinner every night anyway. This was to be a special night in honor of our niece and boyfriend from Ireland. terrina had plenty of time to think of what to prepare for dinner as s.he started he.r domestic duties, cleaning. Since terrina is constantly cleaning he.r Superiors home this sissy concentrated on details such as pulling hundreds of books from the book shelfs and dusting each one, cleaning the inside of grandfather clock, taking out each glass globe from all ceiling fans and washing them as well as pulling apart both exhaust fans in bathrooms and cleaning completely,etc. terrina stayed focused on all details as a sissy servant as s.he was tucked with panty liner in he.r panties and butt plug secured at all times.

Before each tedious task terrina would Curtsy and say to he.rself Thank You Madame Stewart and House Staff for teaching terrina how to be an obedient sissy servant.

On Wednesday, terrina started planning dinner, so off to several farms and supermarkets for the best and freshest fruits, vegetables and three New York strip steaks for Superior and two guests as terrina is on special diet and can’t have red meat. terrina spent an hour chopping and seasoning vegetables for the Barbie letting them simmer in a freezer bag for four hours, the steaks are seasoned two hours before dinner leaving terrina enough time to freshen up and putting on fresh panties, liner, and light shade of lipstick. terrina had one hour to rest With Superior before company arrived. terrina stood with legs together as well as when sitting with legs together and tucked under the chair. sissy terrina remembering to sit up straight and keeping head cast down and only spoke when spoken to.

This morning terrina’s Superior complemented on how nice the house looked and how delicious dinner was. terrina believes all credit goes to The House of Sissify.


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Madame Stewart
7 months ago

All praise be to your dedication to the Divine Feminine, your Superior and the House honey!